Marek's disease virus (MDV) is an alphaherpesvirus that causes a highly contagious disease in chickens. Like other herpesviruses, MDV encodes a number of microRNAs. This site displays target predictions of the MDV-encoded microRNAs[1] flanking meq and LAT.

Two target prediction software (miRanda and RNAHybrid) were used in combination with the 3' UTRs of chicken cDNAs to identify potential targets. Since microRNA-mediated control of gene expression can occur with single or multiple microRNAs, the database can be searched using single or multiple species.

There are two ways of searching of searching for potential targets:

  1. Basic Search: A basic search allows you to find target genes that contain a certain MicroRNA.
  2. Advanced Search: Advanced Search offers more flexibility in the way the search is done and the way the results are displayed. Advanced search allows you to select the search method as well as to sort the targets according to various criteria.

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For more details, please contact:

Dr. Joan Burnside
Professor, Avian Genomics
Delaware Biotechnology Institute
Dr. Robin Morgan
Professor, Avian Genomics
Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Delaware Biotechnology Institute
Funded by:

[1]J.Virology (2006) 80: 8778

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